Top 10 cities to visit for plastic surgery

In recent years 10 cities of the world became the center of plastic surgery.

Let’s see detailed information about 10 cities to visit for plastic surgery


Miami has become a plastic surgery center in the southern region of the United States. There are 18 plastic surgeons for every 100 thousand people over the age of 18. Plastic surgeons worldwide work at the Cleveland Clinic, The Mount Sinai Medical Center and the University of Miami Hospital.


New York is the cradle of American culture, development and technology, and cannot be left behind when it comes to plastic surgery. There are at least 600 plastic surgeons in Manhattan and there are nine major hospitals in the city.


In Brazil, approximately 4 thousand 500 plastic surgeons serve 192 million people. Rio De Jeneiro has become a well-known destination for medical tourists who want to reach a relatively low cost of plastic surgery.


Los Angeles is quite famous for the beauty of people. Although plastic surgery is expensive here, it serves the most famous names to win the appearance they want.


South Korea has one of the largest markets for cosmetic surgery, with women aged at least between 19 and 49 years old and having at least one aesthetic surgery. In addition to technological development, the capital Seoul is at the top of the list with plastic surgery centers.


Turkey’s largest city Istanbul, low cost of treatment, offers a very convenient option for plastic surgery tourism with exquisite beaches and quality health care services.


Thailand has gained a reputation all over the world in plastic surgery and has become a place where thousands of American patients receive better services at lower prices. Surgeons in Thailand are certified by the American and Australian board of plastic surgeons.


In San Jose, cosmetic surgery is cheaper than the US. Costa Rica is a few hours away from the US so many patients from the United States prefer here. Hospital Clinica Biblica and Hospital CIMA are the most recognized centers for plastic surgery.


Plastic surgery in Mumbai gives India $ 1 million in medical tourism. The Academy of Anti – Aging and the Indian Society of Cosmetic Surgery offer people the best in plastic surgery for many years.


Singapore is one of the best medical service providers in the world. There are many qualified and effective plastic surgeons in Singapore who are willing to provide patients with the best medical ease.

Compared to the US, savings rates are as follows:

  • Brazil: 20-30%
  • Costa Rica:% 45-65
  • India: 65-90%
  • Malaysia: 65-80%
  • Mexico 40-65%
  • Singapore: 25-40%
  • South Korea: 30-45%
  • Taiwan: 40-55%
  • Thailand: 50-75%
  • Turkey: 50-65%
Country US Thailand Costa Rica Singapore
Face Lifting $ 11,500 $ 3,700 $ 4,900 $7,850
Nose aesthetics $ 4,800 $ 1,600 $ 2,600 $3,500

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